UK paint colors?

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    UK paint colors?

    Hi again guys,
    I was wandering what paint you fellow UKers use for a Jango Helm. I know the normal colours that work in the USA Krylon ocean blue etc etc. However I cannot find a way to purchase these from the UK Or anything similar please let me know which paints have worked best for you


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    Re: UK paint colors?

    I May have something here ..... would this be suitable

    check out Kool-QSC-Blue and ultramarine blue...

    managed to find a rub and buff silver 1 down 3 to go


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    Re: UK paint colors?

    Wow, that's going to be really useful for my jet pack colours. Thanks!

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    Re: UK paint colors?

    LOL but is it good for me and my helm colours?

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    Re: UK paint colors?

    Im really stuck with this guys.... Is there any1 in the US that can get me a quote as to how much it would cost you to buy Krylon short-cuts ocean blue and rust-oleum royal blue paint for my helm and the shipping costs to scotland,UK. I would be happy to pay you to buy me some and send it over but Im sorted for my rub n' buff

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    Re: UK paint colors?

    I'll look into it for you.

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    Re: UK paint colors?

    TYVM lol. I think repeat *THINK* I may have a match with the rust-oleum royal blue...... let me know what you think. - its the ultramarine blue under the smaller paint cans chart!

    Im also asking Bobamaker what he used as he is UK based Ill let you know what happens!

    cheers again,
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