Thigh Armor/Cod Plates

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    Thigh Armor/Cod Plates

    How do you all attatch your thigh armor to your jump suit? i'm build a custom for the GF, and gotten to the thigh plates. ive velcroed them on the flightsuit and i figured id come to the experts and ask all of the jangos whats the best way. i've heard snaps etc.

    heres a pic. perhaps they are just too small, but they dont look like they sit right to me.

    any suggestions would rock!

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    Re: Thigh Armor/Cod Plates

    I attach my cod to my belt. My thigh armor well... yeah to my suit.

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    Re: Thigh Armor/Cod Plates

    my thighs are chicago screwed to the holsters and held to the leg with the leather strap.

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    Re: Thigh Armor/Cod Plates

    Ditto on what Jango 5204 said. Everything has held together great that way on me.

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    Re: Thigh Armor/Cod Plates

    cool thanks guys!

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