[Step by step] My Flak Vest

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    [Step by step] My Flak Vest

    [Flak Vest by Eskilax]

    1. Find it on ebay for 10 $ (this is real leather). I've cut out the collar

    2. New Collar. With superglue.

    3. The new shoulder with measures

    4. I've foud some old leather at my leather shop for 10 €

    5. Four Shoulders forms (inside and outside X2)

    6. I've glue it after makin a little border

    7. A new line where the shoulder meet the vest.

    8. Glue

    9. And then I've send it to the leather shop to sew it (because there are 6 layers of leather at some place

    That’s it !!


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    Re: [Step by step] My Flak Vest

    damn man, very good resource. Very well!

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    Re: [Step by step] My Flak Vest

    WOW... great job

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    Re: [Step by step] My Flak Vest

    Thats great! Thanks for posting pics of it.

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    Re: [Step by step] My Flak Vest

    wow..i'm amazed. thanks for the info.

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