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    Jan 17, 2016, 2:48 PM - Starting my Jango Fett budget costume #1

    Hi I am looking to build a Jango Fett costume from scratch. Since I am on a budget I expect to try and build this costume myself as much as possible. I would like to have as much help and feedback as possible on my ideas. (I am not looking to build the most perfect costume. I want to make it look good but not by spending thousands on it.)

    -Build all armor on EVA Foam, (Chest Armor, Collar, Shoulders, Backplate, thighs, shins, and crotch) cover with white plastic dip, and later, paint the armor (with your guys recommended color and method of paint). Will heat the armor for bending.
    I used this video link for ideas.

    -Build Kamino or Arena Jetpack (Whichever you guys think is simpler) from scratch off of numerous different materials.

    -Try to make the knee pads, if not then will look at purchasing options. Same goes for Gauntlets. (Also would like ideas on how I can build knee pads and gauntlets)

    -Build or Purchase Flightsuit, and Flak Vest.

    -Purchase gloves. Get white/orange dual blasters from amazon and cover in silver spray paint (I am open to different paint options)

    Here's where I am undecided and need help.
    - I purchased a boba fett rubies helmet. I would like to know if I should go ahead and paint it Jango's colors, or if i should purchase another jango helmet, either from Rubies (which i heard isnt great but i could care less), or from another place. The holsters i have seen on amazon and other sites such as target and more. They have gotten awful reviews and I want to know whats the best option for that. Same for the pouch belt. I may look to build that myself, unless that's not the best possible idea.

    Thanks for reading, im open to your ideas
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    Jan 17, 2016, 4:12 PM - Re: Starting my Jango Fett budget costume #2

    First use the Jango fett templates stickied at the top of this section 2nd you should use sintra instead of eva foam. The flak vest is made of charcoal leather vinyl will work but leather is much more durable those holsters will be way too small and they'll tear apart in no time with all the moving you'll be doing There was a tutorial somewhere to make your own out of leather
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    Jan 18, 2016, 2:42 AM - Re: Starting my Jango Fett budget costume #3

    don't use white plastidip. white ALWAYS clogs in the nozzles, theres many dip reviews supporting this fact. any other color, perfect like spraypaint. my favorite is black since you can spray the inside of helmets with it and it repels moisture. you can shoot any color then paint it white, but if you intend on peeling off painted plastidip itll crackle and youre gonna have a bad time since the paint dries like a shell, like when you eat m&m's
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    Jan 18, 2016, 11:25 PM - Re: Starting my Jango Fett budget costume #4

    Here is the link for the Holster tutorial.
    If doing all the leatherwork yourself plan on spending at least $200 to $300 (leather isn't cheap)
    like Xanthis02 said use sintra for the armor also get some Rub-N-Buff it will give the armor that metal look. Hobby Lobby has it for around $10.00 a tube. There is a good tutorial on youtube for application. Also use the rub-n-buff on the blasters if it get's anywhere you don't want it comes right off with mineral spirits.
    If your going to go with the rubies helmet make sure it's the one piece helmet.
    If buying gauntlets plan on a price of around $250 to $350 depending on who you buy from.
    Use Red Kap coveralls modify them as needed for the flight suit.
    Jetpack I think the arena pack would be the easiest, sorry no tips for that I bought mine from MOW.
    Flak Vest I might have one that I could sell you depending on your size. It's not screen accurate but it should be suitable for your low budget costume. PM me if interested.
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    Jan 24, 2016, 1:35 PM - Re: Starting my Jango Fett budget costume #5

    How much will Sintra go for? I have seen some smaller boards for very high prices online. is there a trusted spot like home depot where i can get that?. I would also like to know if i can get non leather holsters, since i am not building the best costume.

    Ill definitely go for the rub n buff, rubies one piece, and ill figure out what i do with the coveralls.

    For the flak vest, ill keep in mind to PM you if i need to. Ill be building the costume over the next 8 months, so i will be around.
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    Jan 25, 2016, 12:05 AM - Re: Starting my Jango Fett budget costume #6

    Not sure on the prices for Sintra. If trying to buy locally check Home Depot or Lowes. If still no luck search for sign shops in your area see if they have any that they are willing to sell. The armor pieces that I currently have are all Gel Coat so all this info is just going off of what I have heard. Look at this thread it may be of some help
    I guess you could try making the holsters, ammo pouches, and girth belt out of some sort of imitation leather however I have no idea on how you will shape them. or how well it will hold together.

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