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Starting a Jango

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    Paint looks good

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    KaanE said: View Post
    It looks really nice Eopie!
    Ribann said: View Post
    Amazing paint job!
    Mullreel said: View Post
    Paint looks good
    thanks, I appreciate it!

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    My GF wanted to try it on, so one more iPhone pic...

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    Nice ti....

    I mean nice lid!

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    Got my armor parts from Boba Trooper today, they are fantastic! I can't really compare the accuracy to other makers as haven't seen any of the same parts in person, but I'm pretty happy. The pieces are nice and thick and sturdy.

    I'll post some more pics soon.

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    Wow! It's always nice to have more people around that can make quality CC Jango armor.

    Also, really curious how far down your Asok lid sits on you.

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    Re: Starting a Jango

    I'll try and post pics of that soon, just installed the skirt but want to find some sort of clasp for the drawstring. I'm trying to find something similar to what's on my Frank Thomas boots, but haven't had any luck.

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