Starting first Czech Jango Fett costume

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    Starting first Czech Jango Fett costume

    Hello guys, I am from Czech Republic and I am trying make Jango Fett's arena costume acceptable in 501. Legion.

    I hope someone from us give me some hints, because I want him perfect .

    Here is some of my first issues:

    1.) Boots, is some of those useable for customization?

    bigger image -

    2.) Do you know where I can get helmet and gauntlets?

    3.) What kind of gloves I can use?

    4.) I hear if I don't want to buy MR Blasters. I can have resin version, but I don't have find them on ebay, I someone of you selling one, let me know. Or if some of hasbro toys blasters after coloring are acceptable give me hint whant kind, that white/orange version?

    (sorry for my bad english)

    Jaroslav Salek
    Czech Outpost
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    Re: Starting first Czech Jango Fett costume

    Hey, I would recommend Asok's helmet. You couldn't get a better one. And as far as gloves, there are some on amazon right now, you'd want to get size XXL or XXXL. Here's a link for gloves: Fownes Women's Cashmere Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves: Clothing
    The navy ones.
    I'm modifying a pair of the orange/white blasters myself. Guys have threads on how to do that here on TDH
    Hope it all goes well!

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    Re: Starting first Czech Jango Fett costume

    plz check this link for the resin blaster, and i think it may surface again some time...
    Star Wars Jango Fett Pistol Prop Model Kit - eBay (item 370480842726 end time Feb-08-11 18:43:20 PST)

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    Re: Starting first Czech Jango Fett costume

    Jaroslav, about your boots, you must to search here on the trading station, in evilbay or other shoes sites the accurated: Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew Boots, if you have patience (and some luck) you will find a pair, so, my advice, do all your costume, let the shoes to the end, and keep looking for the shoes on those sites, I am trying to make that Jangos but will take some time, be patience.
    About the gauntlets, you can start making your owns with pepakura using the templates in this site, or, save some money to buy the resine o fiberglass that you can find here, (the SEARCH window is always your best friend).
    Good luck and welcome.

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