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    4 Days Ago - Oct 17, 2014, 5:18 PM - SirLars Jango Fett W.I.P. #1

    Ok, here I am now with my own Jango Fett W.I.P.Thread. After doing a RotS Darth Vader and the finishing of
    my RS Props ANH Stunt Stormtrooper last year, I decided on doing a Jango Fett. I especially like the Holsters with the
    two Westars Blaster what reminded me of some Wild West Movies and Stuff. Also I think he is just Kick-Ass(althoug he got
    asskicked in the Movie ^^). After reading and resourcing I started to collect the first pieces. Due to the fact that the Jango will
    easily cost as much as my Vader, I planed a building time of about 2-3years ( I still have some other Hobbies so financial Resources
    are the main Point for the Long period). So this will be a slow W.I.P. I guess. Let`s start:


    I went for a RS Props Cold Cast Jango Fett Helmet Kit. It came with with everything you need: Visor, Ear, Hollow RF Stalk, Rangefinder,
    Keyslots for the back of the Helmet and also the Black Pinstripe Tape.I started on trimming the Visor area and cut out the keyslots.
    Did some smoothing on the edges of the helmet as well (still a bit to do). First Impression:

    Updates on the helmet will follow as soon as I go on working on it. Next Packages arrived from Canada.
    It contained the upper Chest Armor including Collar, Chest, Abs, the Diamond and the Shoulders. All done in
    Cold Cast made by Cruzer. Additionally the package included a pair of Gloves too.

    Thats the start into my Jango Fett Project so far. If you like to add some tips and hints, they are always welcome.
    Regards Lars
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    3 Days Ago - Oct 18, 2014, 3:41 PM - Re: SirLars Jango Fett W.I.P. #2

    That is a good start.
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    3 Days Ago - Oct 18, 2014, 3:58 PM - Re: SirLars Jango Fett W.I.P. #3

    ^ yup as he said good start :-)

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