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    Nov 3, 2007, 3:45 AM - Re: The Scheding Jango #26

    Ok, the semi finished '07 Scheding Jango. Knees aren't made, and the gauntlets are almost finished. The stomach and chest pieces REALY need to be resized. and I forgot to put a belt on the pants under the self made girth belt. As you can see, it's kinda slipping down. I also didn't cut the boba cod enough, but I'll fix that. Oh, and the hot glue has been replaced with velcro.

    The girth belt (pics later) was made with a brown vynil backing, and 5mm cotton cording from Joaan Fabrics, the stuff used in curtons I think. 20 strands, used tacky glue (great stuff) and brown spray paint. My mom made this one, she did a great job. Including the glue and paint, it only cost $30-35. Not exactly screen accurate, but it does a great job and looked authentic from a distance.

    The holsters are from Bleahh, and I'm using a pair of Rubies. These holsters are fantastic!

    The helmet is a rubies, with the $10 standard eBay visor, and repaint. The helmet and armor (trashcan/Bradleyfett) have r-n-b, but I think I need to work on it some more. But it looks weathered upclose. There's also some fingerprints on the helmet which I'm pissed off about, but I can deal.

    Sweet Pea, the min-pin we rescued, is in a gold Star Trek command shirt in the corner.

    I'm actually 5'8", but the falling pants makes me look taller.

    And then Buttercup (after The Princess Bride) the min-pin/chihuahua mix in science blue (star trek).

    If any one's interested in the patterns I used for the suit and vest, I'll put them up later. It all comes in one packet from Simplicity I think.

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