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    Feb 21, 2011, 10:29 PM - Rubies Blaster Mod #1

    Hey Guys,
    It's been quite a while since I posted anything. I am still s-l-o-w-l-y progressing towards Jango. With my Asok helmet out of the way, I decided to work on a blaster. Since I can't find any MRs, and I am not a machinist, I figured I would try to mod a Rubies and see how it turned out. here are a couple pics. Basically I replaced the barrel with a piece of PVC and added the brass rod and some weights in the handle to balance it out. I still need to weather it. Not sure I like the color of the grips either. Might redo them. Any feedback is appreciated.

    More progress pics are located here:
    Jango Blaster pictures by king_ninja1 - Photobucket


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  3. dynamic1's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Feb 21, 2011, 10:41 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #2

    These are looking great!
  4. The Dent Scott Kaufmann's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Feb 21, 2011, 11:06 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #3

    Bravo! Very well done.
  5. tuskenfett's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Feb 22, 2011, 3:45 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #4

    Looks good i see what you mean aboutthe grips looks like it needs a little blue in there
  6. WTFett's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Feb 22, 2011, 4:46 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #5

    Can't tell it's PVC, I think it looks pretty cool!
  7. Member Since
    Jul 2010
    Feb 22, 2011, 5:33 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #6

    Thanks guys. I would love to find a chrome paint that really looks chrome. For that matter, I really wish I had access to a metal shop where I could machine it out of aluminum, but you do what you can.
  8. Mullreel's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Feb 22, 2011, 6:18 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #7

    That is a nice mod. I have seen some nice rubies repaints but the barrel change takes it up a notch.
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    Feb 2011
    Mar 17, 2011, 2:06 AM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #8

    Wow, that looks fantastic! Gives me hope for my own Rubies Jango blasters!
  10. Member Since
    Sep 2011
    Sep 21, 2011, 10:15 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #9

    if you were to sell these, how much would they go for? (once weathered)
  11. decajun45's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Oct 7, 2011, 8:59 PM - Re: Rubies Blaster Mod #10

    Those Westar's look great. Makes me wanna think about getting a pair for my Kal Skirata costume. They only cose like $10 each on amazon so they're cheap in case they break.


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