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Pics of my jango costume

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    I love the family shots; love how that get into it ! my GF would be the one in the corner shaking her head !

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    Nice looking armor. It fits you well. Congrats


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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    R_boba_fett said:

    just one havoing sooooo much trouble attaching teh elastiques to my BF knee armor... how did you do yours??

    pm me please...

    GOOP. Just make sure it dries well before you pull on them.

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    thanks for the comments guys.
    yea, it was really great to have the whole family pitching in on that photo shoot. its makes it all that more fun.
    although dont feel too bad got maul. my wife use to shake her head but now she has took the if ya cant beat em, join em attitude.

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    That's cool to make it a family thing. My wife didn't care for the star wars thing until she came to a couple of garrison events. Now she's just as much into it as I am and it's really a treat.

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    looks like an awesome Jango. congratulations.

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    nice looking jango there. what gloves are you using?


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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    thanks again everyone for the kind comments.

    hmmmm... not really sure about the gloves trooperkev. maybe pantera will chime in.

    i have most of the suit packed and ready to transport for trooping at the moment or i would look at the gloves.
    basically they are insulated black leather looking gloves with a velcro strap on the wrist. they are a XL and i wear a Large so they are a little too big.

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    you COULD start on a stormtrooper uniform next... that'll take some work!! LOL
    your costume is perfect!! love the jet pack where'd you get it... i am getting my gauntlets from RA too!!

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    I have to say . . . I like it better than mine. I can't stop staring at it!
    Good Job Raven28690. Jett Pack is kicking too!

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    Cogrates on a great suit

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    Re: Pics of my jango costume


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    Re: Pics of my jango costume

    nice armor pretty cool *goes up to room and repaints armor*

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