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Painting Methods and Tips

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    Merged: Re: Help! Peeling paint panic!

    I am currently sanding (scraping) my helmet. I guess i didnt leave my paint on long enough to set, now the chrome is goo. Make sure each layer dries thoroughly before adding another. My girlfriend threatened to kill me over the mess I left in the house, parking lot, and deck. The sandpaper wont ever go through it. Do yourself a favor and take your time. You never know when youre going to need a repaint.

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    Merged: Re: Help! Peeling paint panic!

    Sounds like you used different paint brands & there was a reaction between the two. Try a test sample & see if you get the same thing.

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    Merged: Re: Help! Peeling paint panic!

    yah. As a footnote : Metallic paints traditionally take LONGER to dry than other paints, in my experience. I swear, if the coat is heavy, it takes DAYS for it to dry and not to leave a finger marks when picked up. ADVICE : lightcoats, letting each coat dry before reapplication.

    Otherwise, WELCOME to the club buddy !

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    Merged: Help painting the armor

    I'm looking for some paint that simulates aluminum, or stainless steel. Any recommendations?

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    Merged: Re: Help painting the armor

    Testor's Model Master Metalizer comes in both stainless steel and polished aluminum.
    I went with the stainless steel. You can get it at your local hobby shop.

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    Merged: What is the best paint

    What is the best paint to use on the sentra armor that I make? The armors not finished but I would like to start looking for the paint. Thanks for the warm welcome. I just can't get my pics to post to see what you think. Just think of the best Jango you ever saw. Thats not mine.

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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    I used Krylon sandable primer on my sintra armor first, then wet sanded it
    to make it smooth, then used Testors Model Master Metalizer Lacquer in
    "stainless steel color". It's a buffable paint that buffs to a nice metalic sheen.
    After that I finished up with a small layer of "Rub & Buff" (a Jango costumers
    equivalent to liquid GOLD! ).

    Here's what it came out looking like....

    I haven't done it yet, but I also plan on
    "weathering" the armor (basically giving it that dull, tarnished look) using
    some form of touch-up paint...some people like using regular black spraypaint
    misted over from about 4+ feet and then wet sanding it...some people like
    using brushed on, watered down, acrylic paints. As with any advice given
    on THD...the choice is yours.

    Good luck!


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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    I have personally tried at least 10 different brands of chrome paint with poor results except for Testors brand in the 3oz. can.You can see my armor at

    I weathered it with acrilic paint(not watered down)and I think it looks perfect.I have seen one armor maker(BKBT) use laquer spray paint with astonishing results but the chrome base tends to shine a little more.
    Hope this helps.

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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    I used a combonation of rub n buff and brush n leaf paint. Weathered by using layers of watered down black acrylic.

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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    Pantera, have I told you how much I absolutely LOVE! your helmet?

    I think Im gonna go with some of this testors stuff everyones talking about. How many cans did you go through to paint your armor?

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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    5 or 6 so far.

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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    what paint codes did you use for your helmet ??


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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    sith_camaro wrote:I used a combonation of rub n buff and brush n leaf paint.
    I was just wondering if you painted/primed your armor before using the RNB and BNL?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Merged: Re: What is the best paint

    Got Maul wrote:what paint codes did you use for your helmet ??

    I used ColorSpray Navy satin and Krylon True Blue Satin on the helmet.The silver was just regular aluminum paint(I tried to find the least amount of metal flake)with R&B applied later.

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    Merged: Problems painting resin

    Hey guys,

    Looks like I waited until the last minute to start painting my armor and this is what I get
    My RA armor looks great, but the resin cast pieces are giving me hell! They wont take spray paint, I tried putting some primer on them and it beaded up! So what am I doing wrong?

    I sanded the parts (knee darts and center diamond on chest) 320, 600, then tack clothed them. Tried primer, UGH! it's all beady!! wtf?

    Can someone help me out? What do I do to make these darn things hold paint?

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    use a light grit paper, than dust coat it.

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    Um, dust coat it?

    what do you mean by that exactly?

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    Do several very thin coats of paint.Just kind of mist it on .

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    I feel for you partner...

    This is a common problem w/ cast resin pieces due to the release agent used in the casting process..

    I've casted alot of items and what works well for me is this..

    1. Get a plastic bucket or large flate pan and fill it w/ paint thinner, terpintine etc.

    2. submerge your cast pieces into the thinner and allow to sit overnight.

    3. The next day..using a soft plastic brisle brush, scrub your pieces thoroughly to help remove the release agent.

    4. Rinse w/ warm water and scrub again using a dish detergent, this time to remove the paint thinner and/or left over release agent.

    5. Dry off w/a towel and let sit to air dry.

    6. Now begin your sanding.

    7. Apply a good quality primer coat and allow to dry over night..

    NOTE..."This is the moment of truth" !

    What I mean is..if there is any residue left over from the release agent it will rise to the surface of the primer coat and be "Tacky or Sticky"...If this occures leave it alone !!

    Do not apply your finished coat yet!!

    Let it sit for a couple of days and the tacky surface will eventually dry out..

    On the other hand.. If you have successfully removed all of the release agent your primer coat will be dry and ready for your finished coat..

    This process has worked very well for me..

    Hope this helps.

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    that sounds extremely thorough...

    However, since halloween is approx 3 days away and I already have the resin assembled, I need to find a slightly faster way. Maybe If I place them in a terp bath overnight and follow it up with a hot water bath the next day?

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    I have worked with painting resin props and models for years and I'll I have ever done is just wash them down with good hot soapy water and a tooth brush. That is that is in resin model directions and it has worked for me really well and I have never had a problem.

    The bad thing about soaking parts in any type of solvents is that resin is porous and it will/may soak up the solvents and it may come back to haunt you later when/if it leechs out.

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    Merged: Re: Problems painting resin

    It sounds like you are rushing the process, especially with Halloween being aroudn the corner. My advice is like others, but I stress taking your time and letting coats to FULLY DRY before puttign another coat on. I would recommend Pep Boys autobody primer.. I have had nothing but love from that primer. Then WASH your pieces...dry them. Dust coat your primer...don't mind that some areas are not fully coated wait for about five minutes, do it again, catching all the unpainted it one last time to get it all. Wait until all coats are dry. Go get dinner or something. Then add your first coat (very light). Get a snack or a beer. Watch a show. Then second that second episode of 24 or something. Then finally a third.

    The problem with rushing a job is that the bottom coats never dry. If those don't adhere, you could take your nail and scratch it right off easy.

    hope it helps.

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    Merged: Painting your helmet and armor with Alclad II?

    Has anyone done this? I've read on the RPF that this paint is as close to chrome as it comes, but will it be too shiney? I don't want girls trying to use my chest plate to fix their hair at cons...

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    Merged: Re: Painting your helmet and armor with Alclad II?

    where do you get it?

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    Merged: Re: Painting your helmet and armor with Alclad II?

    Alclad II can be found at some, if not most hobby stores and works great for this !! IMO, the alclad alone is a bit too shiney so what I would recommend is a nice clear coat over it which deadens the chrome apprearance!
    I race RC Monster Trucks( when I'm not engulfed in FETT stuff) and use this quite often on the ABS plastic bodies I paint as well as the Lexan versions!
    If left without a clear coat the alclad is not very durable though is the only thing!!!
    It is sweet though to see it before you clear coat it!!
    On average it's anywhere from $6.99 to $8.00 an Oz.!!
    Good luck, any help I can be , don't hesitate to email.

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