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    Mar 20, 2009, 11:01 PM - Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #1

    So I got a BM CC helmet from another board member here and since the weather (had) started to get warmer here, I took a shot at painting it.. And all went well for a while, until it didn't. So follow along and at the end of this I'll have some questions for you Jango masters.

    This was my first paint-up ever and so I was very excited to get started.

    Here it is new and shiny!

    All masked up and a tribute to Tuba (on the ironing board.. That's right)

    And the ocean blue gets applied and then masked for the royal blue coat.

    Fast forward a bit. (I forgot to take pictures of the royal blue coat.)

    Not too shabby eh? Looks pretty good at a distance. I was very proud of the lines on this side...

    Here's where the problems start.
    1) It DEFINATELY got way too cold to apply the royal blue. Oops. (It didn't set and tore in places)
    2) I need to learn more patience and a lighter trigger finger on the can. Runs suck and seem impossible to fix. (Advice?)
    3) My masking job that I slaved over, wasn't as good as I thought.
    4) This helmet was OBVIOUSLY not sanded as smooth on the non CC parts as it should've been. It came pre-sanded and I was afraid to go after it for fear of scuffing the cold-cast accidentally. Consequently it has little pocks and holes in a lot of places I'd prefer it didn't. I'll know better next time.

    I have these little nasties now:

    Error 1

    Error 2

    Error 3

    So oh wise ones? How do I fix these?
    Error 1 is an overspray of royal onto ocean. I probably can't sand that area down can I?

    Error 2 is just a mess. This ear gave me fits. If I could've taken it off to paint it, I would've, but it's part of the mold. The paint on that ear is irregular, runny, and just gross. And it oversprayed. I'm wondering if I may have to sand this whole thing back to nothing and start this side from scratch.

    The mandible arc also tore on the royal blue because of the cold, the paint didn't set.

    So am I screwed? Is the right side of my helmet destined for a complete re-paint? If so, what is the best method for getting all of this off? This stuff is still a bit tacky. (I'm hoping it will dry more but it's been a day or two and it's still tacky.)

    Getting paint on is one thing, getting it off, another.

    Error 3 seems the simplest to correct. Some very find sandpaper and get the paint off down to the CC layer. What grit would folks reccomend? 2000?

    Anyway, advice and help would be greatly appreciated. I feel a little like I've ruined a work of art at the moment. I know this is just part of learning, but it's a painful one.

    All comments, criticisms, and especially techniques and advice are WELCOME.


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  3. SEEKER's Avatar
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    Mar 20, 2009, 11:15 PM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #2

    weathering is your best friend.

    In all the errors i had on mine, I made sure I just added some really nice dark weathering.

    dont sweat on to much. I'm enjoying how much damage my helmet is getting through out the years. Natural handling weathering.
  4. tubachris85x's Avatar
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    Mar 20, 2009, 11:31 PM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #3

    Hey man, as SEEKER said, weathering is your best friend. Not bad since it's your first paint up. Those little pieces of pait that extended onto the silver can easily be removed with a brillow pad or steel wool if your careful.
  5. Foxbatkllr's Avatar
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    Mar 20, 2009, 11:35 PM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #4

    The dark blue on the real thing is not a smooth finish, so don't worry about that. On the ocean blue, I recommend wet sanding it with some 1000-2000 grit sandpaper. I had application problems with the ocean blue, but sanding it not only made it smooth but made the finish much more accurate. I don't like the glossy look on Jango that a lot of people have.
  6. Rupidupe's Avatar
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    Mar 20, 2009, 11:56 PM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #5

    I'm on board with the other guys. You are going to be your own worst critic. Just clean up some of the very obvious and easy parts and allow weathering to cover up the rest.

    Take a look at other Jango helmets on here. The imperfections make it realistic. Looks great, keep going. If you hate it in the end you can always sand it all off and start over, nothing is permanent. Have fun with it.

  7. SEEKER's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    Mar 21, 2009, 12:29 AM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #6

    Here's a few pictures of my helmet with a few years of use. Also try to figure out the painting mistakes I did. There nice and dark.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails scratch1-jpg   scratch2-jpg   scratch3-jpg  

  8. TLobe00's Avatar
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    Mar 21, 2009, 1:18 AM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #7

    I did my first CC paint job too, and mine wasn't perfect either... so I tend to agree with Seeker... weather it and make it look deliberate
  9. Nyx Mandalore's Avatar
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    Mar 21, 2009, 1:38 AM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #8

    Thanks for the kind words all! I really do appreciate it cause I was feeling pretty scummy when I realized the right ear had crackled like it did and the cheek arc had torn. I will do my best to get it weathered and cleaned up.

    Would wet-sanding the right ear with 2000 help smooth it or just completely ruin the royal blue? Right now it's tacky and I couldn't touch it with sandpaper if I wanted to. i'm hoping to doesnt actually stay that way. I just want to take the worst of that "crackled" finish off it if possible. it's okay if it stays a little roughed up.
  10. Foxbatkllr's Avatar
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    Mar 21, 2009, 11:19 AM - Re: Nyx's BM CC Jango Helmet - Um.. Help? #9

    I have not wetsanded the royal blue before, but if you are unhappy with it, wetsand it. If that ruins it, you can just sand all the paint off the ear, remask it and repaint it. It's just an earpiece, not the whole helmet that you'd have to redo.

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