New Jango Boots? Cougar Fractures.

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    New Jango Boots? Cougar Fractures.

    Happened to walk through a store called Winners. It sells new merchandise that has been wholesaled.

    When I saw these boots I immediately thought of Jango. They are Cougar Fractures, at $69.99 marked down from $140. I happened to have a camera on me so took a few pics.

    The bad news is the Cougarshoes website sucks. And winners site doesn't list anything. And when you search for fracture boots' the results are for removable casts.
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    Re: New Jango Boots? Cougar Fractures.

    Those would probably work in the interim while looking for the holy grail (Kenneth Cole, Bedford Stu, Prada) with the accurate sole.

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    Re: New Jango Boots? Cougar Fractures.

    Yeah, but you could wear these on the street as well. In fact my uncle mentioned he wanted some zip up boots so I told him about these. So he'll be walking around in Jango boots.

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    Re: New Jango Boots? Cougar Fractures.

    I saw another brand in a second hand store that copied the sole, except the grooves on the sides. Almost like new.

    Inside it said Bravo Browns Italy, while the sole said Gommus. Too bad they were womans size 8. But there must be others out there.
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    Re: New Jango Boots? Cougar Fractures.

    Actually, I don't collect the Joes, only Star Wars so Im pretty sure I don't own any Pro 1.2's. Mad Old Lu said that Fett was on the 1.1 and the Greedo I got on the 1.1 doesn't have very strong ankle joints. When posed in dynamic stances, the boots tend to swivel and cause him to topple over unless I use the stand.

    I think all the other SWs figs either came on 1.0 Pro bodies or armored bodies...correct me if I'm wrong.

    I know all of my SWs figs could use some tightening up on the ankle joints. While they've certainly gotten better since initial release, the ankle joints still seems to be the Achilles heel to the whole pun intended.

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