New around here - asking for directions

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    New around here - asking for directions

    Hello all, I hope you don't mind a noob asking for directions.

    I'm working on my first ever suit and it's going to be Jango Fett.

    I've acquired a BKBT helmet so far and a jetpack is being made from ManofWar.

    However, I have having difficulties finding a costumer for the gauntlets and where to get a good flightsuit.

    Those are my next steps, however any recommendations on where to go for a good chest piece, et c would be appreciated.

    I've looked at Bobamaker, but he doesn't do gauntlets.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Re: New around here - asking for directions

    You seek Cruzer on these forums. He does all the armor pieces. His work is top notch and he is a great guy. For the flight suit Ladysew4us also on these forums makes a great one.

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    Re: New around here - asking for directions

    Definitely go with the Cruzer gauntlets and I would also recommend Arkady for the flight suit. Her quality and price are #1 and her wait times are very reasonable.

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