Mini Jango Fett WIP

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    Mini Jango Fett WIP

    Hi guys, as this is my first post the TDH, I will introduce myself as is customary.
    My name is Phil from England.
    I am a 501st Stormtrooper with the UK Garrison.

    I am also making a Line Officer costume as 2nd costume for me.

    I have 2 kids, a 7 and a 9 year old.
    I am building both kids costumes for the 2013 year.
    For the 7 yr old, I am making a mini TK Stormtrooper for him in ANH style.
    I have a build thread for this over on the FISD, First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment.
    And for my 9 year old I am building a Mini Jango Fett, which brings me over here.
    I have been using your site for a while for reference pics and threads, and have now decided to join in and contribute.

    Here are my lids alongside each other.
    Mini TK, Regular TM TK and Mini Jango.

    I started with a mini blue boiler suit.

    Here are the WIP pictures.
    i do plan to hide the Jet pack straps, but for today the straps are over the flack vest.

    Right view

    Left view, I have a left gauntlet but need to make the strapping bigger.

    Rear view

    The Westars are made from painted wood and plastic parts.

    i still have a way to go and here is a list..
    Helmet padding
    black helmet stripes
    shoe armour
    thigh armour
    shin armour
    left gauntlet
    shorten boiler suit
    knee darts
    neck seal

    Any help, advice or support is appreciated.


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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP

    looks good so far....scaling everything down is tough.

    For the helmet stripes you can check out a car parts store for pinstriping.

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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP


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    Mini Jango Fett WIP

    Thanks guys. I have some updates from this to post up.
    I've also found our that a mate of mine in the UK is doing a scaled down Boba.

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    Mini Jango Fett WIP


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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP

    I love that last picture. It reminds me of when my kids were that young.

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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP

    My daughter got to troop yesterday as a Cadet Jango, and was re-united with Boba

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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP

    great man!!!!!!!!!! nice

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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP

    I needed to make 1 more post to gain full membership, so I can reply to For Sale items, so here it goes. Sorry

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    Re: Mini Jango Fett WIP

    Hi mate, I'm in the uk too and recently joined as jango WIP, always wanted to be a stormie since 'a new hope' and hopefully one day........ Jango is only my 2nd costume, first being a jedi

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