Jango Helm Size Comparison?

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    Jango Helm Size Comparison?


    I was wondering if anyone could post comparison pictures of the various Jango helmets available. I'm looking into purchasing one, or a kit, but being a girl means I will need a smaller one. Could anyone help me out here?


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    Re: Jango Helm Size Comparison?

    Hmm, well I only have a BKBT and it fits me fine, and Im 6'6 tall, but than again, ive heard that its small compared to some others. Here's a comparison between it and a rubies jango

    And on me just before my graduation!


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    Re: Jango Helm Size Comparison?

    thank you, this is really helpful! i was actually considering buying a BKBT helmet. (i'm assuming the BKBT one is on the left, right?)

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    Re: Jango Helm Size Comparison?

    It's the one on the right - the one on the metal stand.

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    Re: Jango Helm Size Comparison?

    To me the sgt. fangs are pretty small too. And they are relatively cheap as well. But if you can i would definately go with the BKBT.

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    Re: Jango Helm Size Comparison?

    A Judz Dwedd helmet is the smallest I have seen but who knows whats up with him.

    Rubies vinyl would be next.

    A fang would be the smallest and nicest helmet to get easily and its a great product.

    BKBT would be next and is a gorgeous helmet but is a little heay.

    MLC is the big kahuna and I believe I am the only Jango wearing one it would make you look like a bobble head.

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