Jango Fett Gloves Question

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    Jango Fett Gloves Question

    Hey guys, im searching for some good jango gloves, i've found some
    on evolution props (which i know a member here is from there )
    but just wanted to know if their a good pair for jango, or what everyone else has done for their gloves.


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    Re: Jango Fett Gloves Question

    I believe people went to Target and Macy's during the winter but this time of year will be tough.

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    Re: Jango Fett Gloves Question

    Just ordered a size 8.5s from this guy. Do a search for "Navy leather gloves":http://myworld.ebay.com/*damco*/

    He didn't have any size 9s in stock which is the largest size he carries, but hopefully later he will.

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