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    Jango Bucket

    I have started to put together my own bucket, thanks to some great blueprints found here. They are perfect. However, I can tell already that the cracks where my cheek plates are coming together are going to be noticable. How can I fill these in before I paint? Obviously it needs to look like an uniform piece rather than multiple parts put together. What have you used to fill in those areas?

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    Re: Jango Bucket

    what have you made you helmet out of ??

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    Re: Jango Bucket

    Sterling plastic garabage can bent to fit my needs. I'll try to get some pictures this evening, if I get the chance.

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    Re: Jango Bucket

    Here are some pictures of where I am with my bucket.

    1st step cutting out the face with gaping back.

    Comparison to Rubies helmet.

    2nd step, making a solid back with ledge around side.

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