I just wanted to share a little tip/suggestion that I have found pretty productive while searching for a set of passable Jango Boots. As we all know the "Gold Standard" are the illusive Kenneth Cole: Pit Crew, of which there are none to be found. Next in line would be the Prada, followed by the Bed Stus. What these seem to have in common, and what we all really pay attention to, are the specifics of the sole. With that being said, I would recommend searching the various online sites (ebay, Amazon, BizRate, NexTag, etc.) for "Vibram Boots;" Vibram is the specific brand of sole that these boots have used, or in cases have copied.

I'm pretty sure this is OLD NEWS for most of the seasoned vets here on TDH, but I would like to think that I am not the only one that didn't know this.