Jango boot help Pleeease!!!

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    Jango boot help Pleeease!!!

    Ok, as all potential Jango's have this problem I reckon, I'm asking for some help in sourcing a reasonably accurate or as close as pair of boots / shoes to complete my Jango. I know that there have been a few runs done of screen accurate copies but, only problem is Im Scottish and therefore wont pay $250+ for a pair of boots for trooping in!

    Come on guys, what types / brands are acceptable? Really need some TDH assistance on this one!



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    Re: Jango boot help Pleeease!!!

    Look around on auction sites for Bedford Stu brand shoes with the correct sole. They will come up from time to time on here as well. Some use the GBX brand shoe as it is one of the closest boots out there aside from the real Kenneth Coles or the Bed Stus.

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    Re: Jango boot help Pleeease!!!

    What type of GBX? It is a brand name, not style of boot. I am have'n this problem as well

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    Re: Jango boot help Pleeease!!!

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