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    jango armor

    I'm about to start my second set of mandolorian armor and was looking for some advice.
    My first set never got completed, and then my dog attacked it... so it's torn up in my room. I can attach a pic of it before it got destroyed if anyone's interested. I made it using 1/8" Sintra and the jango armor templates from this board.

    Anyways I was just wondering how much Sintra (in square feet) is required for a full set of armor. Full set meaning, torso (front and back), legs (including feet/knees), and arms.

    Also what should I make the helmet out of?

    Any advice would be great.

    P.S. I'm new to this board as a member, but have been stalking it for a while, so "Hi everyone!"

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    Re: jango armor


    Sorry, I have no advice. My costumes tend to fall apart at the last minute leaving me crying in a heap.

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