I was looking on some website (dont remember name sorry) but it had a tutorial on how to perminately attach armor to the flak vest.heres some simple steps to it:

1. take armor plates and drill holes in the corners(not too far in but not right on the edge)
2. put armor on vest and mark holes where they need to be.
3. countersink the holes on the armor and put small bolts in the holes.
4. put car puddy on the bolts outsid and inside the plates.
5. sand extra puddy off to make it smooth
6. put armor on vest and put a nut on the bolts
7. put puddy on the bolts inside the vest.
8. sand extra puddy.

If you do it all right it should be easy to put on and take off. The armor will be comfortabe to wear and plates WILL NOT COME OFF.

**note** this is to be done before painting.