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    Aug 7, 2008, 7:22 AM - Helmet Airbrush Colours? #1

    Hey Jango Costumers,

    I was wondering if there was an airbrush colour list for the blues used on Jango's Helmet. I've always noticed that everyone uses spraypaints for this part of the costume. The reason I ask is because there are so many different paints for airbrushing, and you can get smoother painting with sharper corners.

    If anyone has airbrush suggestions, I'd love to hear from them! I just got a new airbrush and I'm itching to do more painting after my Boba armour.

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    Aug 7, 2008, 7:34 AM - Re: Helmet Airbrush Colours? #2

    Im not sure who else may have used paints other then the standards, but I believe BKBT used a different brand? I think it was like a "french blue" or something to that affect...Not sure. I wouldnt be surprised getting the blues to look good with airbrushing, but the silver, well, I guess thats more of a preference, because I remember that "super shiny jango helmet" thread, where someone used that "alclaid"? chrome paint thats used on model airliner's. Other's, for instance, used the krylon silver, not as "shiny" or realisitic in appearence, but gives a very even looking coat.

    Im sure that the screen used jango was airbrushed though

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