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    Jul 7, 2009, 10:29 AM - Getting rid of chest armor #1

    I would have put this in the Cargo Hold, but I am not actually selling this until I get my new stuff. I wanted to see if any Jango's out there wanted to strike a deal before I put it in the Cargo Hold (approx 2 weeks or so)

    I am selling my old chest armor as it is a tad big for my 5'6" frame. I would also sell the vest if someone wanted to use it just like it is mounted, snaps already on and everything.

    Again, this will not actually be shipped for a couple of weeks (until I get my new stuff) and I am not asking for any payment until then, but I wanted to see if anyone was interested.

    I am asking $125 shipped for the armor or $200 for the vest and armor together. If this doesn't work, PM me and maybe we can work something out .

    The armor was made by Steelblitz out of resin and is awesome, I am just too short. There is a crack that has been fixed on the left chest plate and could be bondo'd over and reR-n-B'ed I would awesome... I have always just used it as a weathering mark.

    Thanks everyone,
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