Flak Vest What shade?

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    Flak Vest What shade?

    Hey all, my vest is black at the moment and I need to change it.

    What shade grey is the vest ?

    Is it grey (black and white mixed together) ?

    Or is it a blueish grey (black, white and a touch of blue mixed in) ?


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    Re: Flak Vest What shade?

    Mine is grey. Like straight grey. From the pics I've seen, I think it is just grey. I could be wrong though. Pics of my vest on


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    Re: Flak Vest What shade?

    Dark Dark Grey. kinda a dark graphite color.

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    Re: Flak Vest What shade?

    My vest started out as steel blue, then I misted on charcoal grey. If your vest is made of vinyl, you can use SEM coatings. It's made for flexible stuff. I get mine at an automotive paint store.

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    Re: Flak Vest What shade?

    I second what Jango 5204 said. I think the main color of the leather is a slate blue, but there was a heavy weathering of grey on top of it. If you look at some of the reference pics in the gallery you can see the underlying slate blue color.

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