Fett Soft Parts

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    Fett Soft Parts

    I am looking for Jango's leather parts. The Girth belt, the pouches belts, and holsters for the Jango blasters. I saw the holsters set on Rubies.com. Is that a good set of holsters? Is there anyone that makes these items and for how much? Also, some blaster info would be nice.

    Thanks to all!!!

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    Re: Fett Soft Parts

    Rubies is very very low quality. I would never ever buy anything from them. I'll let the Jango's chime in on where to buy. You might want to mention your budget range for better answers too.

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    Re: Fett Soft Parts

    Cruzer and Seeker...they rock!!

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    Re: Fett Soft Parts

    Though I haven't seen the work in person, what I have seen....I agree with FettDad: Cruzer holsters and Seeker ammo belt.

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    Re: Fett Soft Parts

    I have Cruzer holsters and Seeker ammo belt........they are top notch. I have a TLobe00 girth which is also top notch.

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