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Did i do wrong?

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    Re: Did i do wrong?

    actually most are a combination of both fiberglass and resin construction.

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    Re: Did i do wrong?

    my fiberglass is pretty nice. a little on the heavy side but it feels like a real helmet. however its fragile.

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    Re: Did i do wrong?

    Nice job, can't wait for full pics. Isn't there a Mando version of the 501st that you can join, as long as you have a good quality full set of beskar'gam (armor).

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    Re: Did i do wrong?

    Thanx Myles, im not sure bout that 501st thing, maybe i should look into it, i still need gauntlets and both belts.

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    Re: Did i do wrong?

    That would be the Mandalorian Mercs. While nowhere near as big an organization at the 501st, we're growing.

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