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Aluminum Jango Armor....

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    Re: Aluminum Jango Armor....

    postmortem01 said:
    It's very light. I think that it weighs less than 2 lbs right now. That's including the backplate.
    Nice work.....what gauge is your aluminium.....i'm using 3mm....i got two sets of chest & collar armour on the go ...but i'm busy with my boba & jango lids.. hope mine turns out as nice as yo .......urs.......

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    Re: Aluminum Jango Armor....

    Great job! Reminds me of all the work I did two years ago on my Metal suit. I've done all the same parts minus the Gauntlets and jet pack much the same as you, I even have a nickle plated bucket. It took over 20 hours of hammering just to get the chest plates the right shape for me. Let me know if you need and of my help or building pics.

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    Re: Aluminum Jango Armor....

    ...just don't break your legs while hammering guys!

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    Re: Aluminum Jango Armor....

    I bought a set off ebay but it is missing a cod piece. If you make an extra one let me know.

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    Re: Aluminum Jango Armor....

    Freaking Amazing...Good job on the Cod.....Maybe we can compare the weight of both.I know aluminum is farely lightt.

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    Re: Aluminum Jango Armor....

    im making a Jaster out of metal but im not sure weather to use sheet metal or aluminum, what gage did you use?

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