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    Jul 19, 2008, 1:59 AM - Armor plates #1

    Hi, this is my first post here, even tho I have read alot of posts here and got alot of nice ideas.

    I am about to get myself my first Boba armor and need a few advice and answers to some questinos.

    1. How thick is the armor? Chest, belly, neck and back plates?

    2. What material is good / best?

    * Plastic, good / bad aspect why i should / should not use plastic.
    * Fiberglass, good / bad aspect why i should / should not use fiberglass
    * Carbonfiber, good /bad aspect why i should / should not use carbonfiber
    * Metal, good / bad aspect why i should / should not use metal.

    A relative of mine owns a Metal workshop so i had thoughts about doing the armor in steel or aluminum. I could get them from 1 - 4mm ( 0,0394 inch - 0,157 inch). Thinkness / material VS forming and weight and wearabllity??

    So please give me some advice on how to create a nice boba armor.
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    Jul 19, 2008, 3:42 AM - Re: Armor plates #2

    Welcome, Nautilus.
    There are a couple members here who I'm sure could give you more info on metal armor. I've never owned or worked on a metal set, but I have worked on vac-formed plastic and molded fiberglass armor.
    The vac-formed plastic sets have the advantage of being very lightweight. If you're wearing the costume for any length of time, weight is definitely a consideration. Plastic is pretty flexible as well. It will move with you as you bend/walk.

    Fiberglass is a bit heavier than plastic, and also in my opinion, slightly stronger. But if you don't plan on doing any acrobatics, the strength factor shouldn't be a big issue.

    There are several methods to attach both plastic or FG armor to your "soft parts," i.e. the flightsuit and vest. If you search for armor attachment methods, you'll find people who use anything from velcro to bolts epoxied to the back of their armor plates.

    Hope that's useful!

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