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    Oct 4, 2007, 5:16 PM - Wish I could've reached into the 'net & touched my Rubies 1st... #1

    I just got my Rubies Jango Fett today & I did not know that it was that flimsy. I've seen some pics of beat up Boba Fett's from them & definately knew those were vinyl-like, but looking at the pics on the 'net of the Jango, I figured the helmet was hard, shaped plastic, not exactly what it's described as, injection molded plastic which I didn't really know what that meant anyways.

    It's my starter helmet & now that I've seen & touched it, I'm absolutely sure about that. Going to work harder to get that BobaMakers. Still, I've read lots of tutorials & stuff about how to fix this helmet, i.e. craft ring, visor, sanding off logo, cut holes, reinforce, replace RF, but despite that huge workload that's ahead for my helmet & my scratchbuilt suit I'm over here grinning like a fool.

    Never had my own Fett helmet before. I've already got my replacement visor on the way & I think I'm going to bondo the RF stalk upright cause it doesn't look that bad, it just doesn't have a clicky joint to stay up. At least there's enough room in the buyce so I can stick a fan in there & padding & maybe even a voice changer.

    I'm so resisting the urge to go out to the mall & wear it or somewhere like that, lol. That'd be so Mando. I'm so happy that I found aout about TDH & quit procrastinating about wanting to build my own Mandalorian armor. I wish that I knew how to paint, tho, I'm going to be asking for some help on that soon.

    Now lemme go dig up some sandpaper...

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    Oct 4, 2007, 5:25 PM - Re: Wish I could've reached into the 'net & touched my Rubies 1st... #2

    Can I see some reference pics of how wide the helmet's supposed to be, before I glue a craft ring into it? Like from the front & then the inside with the helmet laying on it's back visor up? It sorta looks too weird when it's flexed out too much to the sides, I don't wanna be a fathead.

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