Wired boba fett helmet.

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    Wired boba fett helmet.

    Ok so I'm fairly certain that I'm using either a full fledged arduino or a tinyduino set for this my question is one of power. I plan to have my helm connected to my phone so I can call text and do all that without taking the phone out or the helmet off. In addition the range finder movement will be controlled by the duino. Before you say it yes I am aware of the programming challenges I face with this. I was planing on using a bank of parallel 9v to power it. But now I'm not sure how long that will last with all the stuff I plan to do. I've seen people use the rechargeable lipo batteries (likely with a voltage regulator of some kind) for RC sports but I'm kinda concerned about a lithium fire right next to my head. And those take a lot of care and maintenance equipment to use properly and safely. So long story short. Any ideas for a long lasting power supply for the helm?

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    Re: Wired boba fett helmet.

    With Technology being what it is, it would make more sense to use some sort of blackberry device to do what you are talking about.

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