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    hello I'm new here but I have read plenty of forums about starting out on making a boba fett wearable costume. With my curent situation, I would be purchasing and piecing my costume together. I was at star wars celebration 5 and saw the booth with the busts for boba and jango which I thought were amazing. As far as painting goes, I have some experience with body paints in an airbrush and am willing to try to paint my own items as well. If I can get any help with getting the peices, that would be greatly appreciatted. As far as where I'm gonna start, it kinda depends on price of the items needed for the costume itself. Oh, and one thing that I don't know if it makes too much of a differance, I'm 6ft 3in so I was wondering if that woud make it tougher to find things. One of the biggest questions that I have is for people such as boba maker, do I google search them or do I have to go through another area? Thank you to everyone that replies!

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