What material do you recommend?

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    What material do you recommend?

    Hey everybody! I just recently discovered this site and was so impressed by the work displayed that I decided to get to work on making my own boba helmet. But that's where I'm lost. What do you recommend I make these out of without breaking the bank or sacrificing too much quality? I'm a college freshmen, so money isn't exactly plentiful.

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    Re: What material do you recommend?

    Welcome to TDH! Follow the links in the thread below to find templates.


    and this is probably the most impressive cardboard buildup thread on TDH:


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    Re: What material do you recommend?

    I'm also doing my first year of uni. So far I've only spent 5 on materials. And it's coming out fairly sharp.

    Also check out Antman's other thread (in progress) . Same guy, but more detail and some slight differences in the way he did it.


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    Re: What material do you recommend?

    Also search for vacuum forming on youtube. There are a few tutorials to make a homemade vacuum form table for pretty cheap.

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    Re: What material do you recommend?

    Awesome, this is some good stuff. Thanks guys!!

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    Re: What material do you recommend?

    If you want ot get brave and try someting new do it in fiberglass then you can make several copies and make changes to them as you like

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