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What is the issue?

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    Re: What is the issue?

    another thing to consider is that most rattlecans have warnings like "recoat within 60 minutes or after 24 hours" or similar. that could also be an issue.

    when i paint, i tend to go REALLY fast... i lay down the next color as soon as the first is dry enough that i can coat it in latex. maybe that has something to do with it? maybe i'm getting the colors mixed while it's still curing, and that lets them bond better?

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    Re: What is the issue?

    Just coat the heck out of the area for the stripes with a clear coat. Let it dry very well. MAsk with light tack painters tape (purple I think). After those are done peel very carefully then mask everything else with a 3x5 card in your hand. If it makes you feel any better the paint actually peeld vbelow the stripes on the ESB and they just painted over it. I don't have pic handy but go check it.

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    Re: What is the issue?

    Had the same problem in the past. It's the dust that is left by the paint. Ive always used some sandpaper to take the dust off.

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    Re: What is the issue?

    Would masking fluid work better with the acrylics instead of tape?

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    Re: What is the issue?

    Masking fluid should work better than tape. You also have more control over where it goes and the shape it takes and stuff.

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    Re: What is the issue?

    I don't like the masking fluid myself. When I painted my helmet the first time, it ripped the paint off in sheets and in some cases, took the base coat with it! I used Mustard instead. It works the same as the Masking Fluid and it was easy to remove as well.

    Just my opinion... due to a bad expirence with the masking fluid.

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