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    Feb 13, 2003, 2:26 PM - Weathering the Helmet - Scotchbrite pad? #1

    I'd seen several people using Scotchbrite pads to 'sand' down the layers of weathering on the helmet. Doesn't that scrape through other paint layers, or smudge metal-looking paints?

    Who's had experience with these pads?

    Are there advantages to using Scotchbrite pads as to using the multi-layer Liquid Mask approach?
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    Feb 13, 2003, 3:48 PM - Re: Weathering the Helmet - Scotchbrite pad? #2

    I use scotchbright pads on almost all my paint jobs!! Much like sand paper there are different textures you can get ahold of! Once you get the hang of using them you can vertually create any of the weathering on the Helmet!! Keep in mind that even the Metal-looking paint has texture to it!! For instince the Jango helmet, though it has a nice sheen and glare to it ,upon a closer look you can see it was polished in a swirling motion.
    I think that 3m color sequenced the scotchbrite pads from white being the lightest to a Dark red being the heaviest!
    (there could be heavier and lighter ones out there!)
    Best thing to do is test on something before you go to do you Helmet!!
    Hope this helps!
  4. Slave1
    Feb 21, 2003, 8:35 PM - Re: Weathering the Helmet - Scotchbrite pad? #3

    I've never used Scotch brite on Fett armor, but I have used really fine sandpaper to lightly scuff it in places, along with chalk pastels and a number of different top coats to give the random aged look.

    I HAVE used Scotchbrite on a number of other projects like Han blasters, etc. and it's good stuff to get that lived in Star Wars feel.

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