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    What kind of material can I use for a visor and where can I get it?

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    Re: Visor

    You could try using a 'Dark' green welders sheild? I used one on my scratch build lid... works fiine if your on a budget.. there are others on the bay of fleas too. I'm sure others will chime in with other suggestions... hope that helps

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    Re: Visor

    Mine is made of a dark grey acrylic plastic - kind of thick and was a pain to shape. I cant recall exactly where I bought the material though.

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    Re: Visor

    There is a seller on ebay that sells the acrylic ones. Also, Bobamaker sells them, I highly recommend them. Or you can buy the welder's shield, if you want the accurate dark green for ESB-
    You may be able to get them at Lowe's as well, then you just have to cut to shape

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    Re: Visor

    Mine is made out of a 1/8" .3mm sheet of smoked acrylic. It was heated over a paint can for shape.

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    Re: Visor

    what helmet are you doing?

    for a custom, whatever you want.

    for esb boba, a dark green welding shield is great. the shape is generally close enough and it's flexible, so you can bend it to fit pretty easily.

    for rotj boba it's smoked. / is a great way to go (same guy, just his slow web site vs. his ebay store)

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