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    Sorry to do this. But I have been searching for the thread but cant find it.
    I thought it was a recent thread, cant be sure. There was question about the visor for ESB. Some shots look green more look dark. With all the different helmets that were around, is it 100% that only green was used?

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    Re: Visor

    I can say that ESB, the visor was a dark green. ROTJ, I cannot remember off the top of my head.


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    Re: Visor

    ESB is a green visor.
    ROTJ is a smoked gray visor.

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    Re: Visor

    Man this is irritating. I still cant find that thread. Oh well. Thanks guys, Ill go with green... maybe

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    Re: Visor

    i'm using green

    -brett toomey

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