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    eneybody know how I can find a quick good visor,there are not eney at the hard ware stores in my area

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    Re: visor

    there might be. It so happens I'm looking for a t visor as well. try looking for a face shield. go to lowes or home depot and tell them you want a face shield, they'll know what you're talking about.

    then you'll have to cut it in the t shape.

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    Re: visor

    There's always

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    Re: visor

    i got mine from a guy on ebay. he sells them all the time but i cant post the link cause of TDH rules. but they are excelent

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    visor darkness

    exactly how dark is a store bought visor when you look through it is it hard to see through at all. All the visors I have made so far are made by cutting a clear plastic coke bottle in to a T shape and lightly coating the out side with a black sharpy magnum. vison is ok as long as you are not planning to ware it at night. I just want to know if it is worth buying one instead of contiuing to make them like this.

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    Re: visor

    strange my computer can't

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