Uzi has arrived...

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    Uzi has arrived...

    Hello fellas!!!

    Boy am I glad I found this wonderful site....I spent all my morning going through all this great information and resources...I think I've found my new home SNORT SNORT LOL!!!!

    Looking forward to discussing with you all things boba...and don't worry if sometimes I come across as bit strage..This is no tomfoolery...I am just too complicated to understand...

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    Re: Uzi has arrived...

    Welcome aboard Uzi...

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    Re: Uzi has arrived...

    Welcome to the best place ever for the best addition ever.

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    Re: Uzi has arrived...

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Re: Uzi has arrived...

    Welcome and please do enjoy this forum!
    Many questions can be answered using the invaluable search feature and the great experience and skills that so many members here have.

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