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    Aug 19, 2013, 1:29 AM - Re: Terminal Fettler (and FP) light kit #76

    Death proof, I used an online LED/resistor calculator to figure the correct resistor. I will post which LEDs and resistors I used for the flamethrowers tomorrow. I then wired it from the battery positive (9v) to one of the momentary switches (button on the flamethrower, then the resistor, and then the LED. After that I did a negative from the LED to the battery. I did that for both flamethrower nozzles. Solder stuff is fairly inexpensive and easy to use, just don't forget to flux the wires before soldering. I wired the led on top with no switch so it's on anytime the battery is connected.

    As I said, I will post the LEDs, resistors, and switches tomorrow. I am no electrician and I figured it out in a couple of days with no experience (save the web), and with my list of parts you can do it too without the trial and error
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    Nov 4, 2013, 8:49 PM - Re: Terminal Fettler (and FP) light kit #77

    I love this, however I'm looking for a screen accurate chip. can someone point me in the direction of a place I could get a working chip?

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