Splat's ESB Lid...

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    Splat's ESB Lid...

    I think I got most of the painting done, have to install the circuit board in the back of the lid still and do some decals on the ears. Again most of the paint was done by the previous owner, he can pipe up if he wants.

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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    It's not that bad is it???

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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    No way dude looks great slap some decals on that bad boy and you are good to go!!!!!

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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    Well thanks Deadland for the one and only comment! LMAO....

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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    There's absolutely nothing at all wrong with that helmet - it looks fantastic bro !

    Can't imagine why no one else has commented. DOn't let it get you down though, things have been a little slow around here lately is all. It's summertime, and people are outside soaking it up

    Great job !


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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    hey im looking for templates for the esb bucket anyone know where they are? by the way yours does look awesome!

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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    Indeed this helmet looks fantastic, great colours and finish

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    Re: Splat's ESB Lid...

    CHEERS!!! Thanks guys!

    Since he hasn't taken credit a lot of the paint work goes to my bud FettDad...I just finished up his already awesome job.

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