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    Jan 19, 2008, 10:57 AM - Sixxgunn13's Machined Metal Ears #1

    Hi guys, i recived my ears a few months back 11/26/07.

    so i thought id post pics.

    I love these babies but i do have some marks on them from when they we're machined.. and i'm not talking about mill marks.

    how do i go about filling these, do i use bondo?

    cause i know when it comes time to paint, they will show like crazy.

    Of all the places to have a mark show an unpainted area on the ears.

    How do i clean this excess metal?

    Here is a groove that is pretty deep and will show if painted as is, the groove continues around the radius,
    also more blemishes..

    This post is to find a way of fixing the unwanted marks!

    and NOT a complaint thread!!

    Spideyfett/Evan4218 did a lot to get these made and I'm happy w/the ears!

    and machinist arn't perfect, so i just need a soulution.

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    Jan 19, 2008, 11:09 AM - Re: Sixxgunn13's Machined Metal Ears #2

    You could get a sheet of wet and dry paper and lay it on a FLAT surface, then in a very gentle circular motion rub the face of the marked area until it starts to vanish, I'm talking about removing the absolute minimum of material here, from the looks of it those marks are only around 0.1-0.2 of a MM so it wont take much, then you can scotchbrite the pieces to give them their shine back, as far as the other ear piece goes, a small jewelers file would probably get rid of the excess, good luck, but take care, they are aluminium and so it doesn't take much force to remove small blemishes like that
  4. fettpride is offline fettpride
    Jan 19, 2008, 12:01 PM - Re: Sixxgunn13's Machined Metal Ears #3

    Hey Sixx -

    You might not be able to see it clearly enough because the pics are pretty bad (cell phone quickie), but the scratches and mill marks are removable without a doubt bro, don't worry.

    What I did on mine was use good old 220 (very fine) grit sand paper to get the deeper stuff out. Then I graduated to 320 (extra fine) then to 400 (super fine). After all was said and done, I polished them with #0000 steel wool, and they're as perfect as perfect gets

    Just stay away from the "spine" of the ear cap with any sandpaper (the lines that define the spine of the cap, especially around the "rounded" defining line at the top of the spine. You don't want to hit that at all because you'll never get that fine machined line back.

    It's not hard at all to do, as Joe said, it's aluminum, so it's very soft. And, my method may be a little over kill. Joe's suggestion is more sensible if you're in no hurry ... as I always am these days But just another suggestion nevertheless

    For the excess metal ... no sweat ... I used a VERY sharp, brand new exacto blade. A couple of them actually. Cuts throught the excess like butter. And if you're careful and take your time, you can make it look like it was never there.

    Hope this helps

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    Jan 19, 2008, 1:36 PM - Re: Sixxgunn13's Machined Metal Ears #4

    thank you!

    HeadlessHunter & fettpride

    I will do as you guy suggest!
  6. Spideyfett is offline Spideyfett
    Jan 20, 2008, 12:00 PM - Re: Sixxgunn13's Machined Metal Ears #5

    Yeah, mine and Jeremy's had the same marks... FP is right on...Works like a charm...

    sorry I didn't see this sooner help.
  7. Sixxgunn13's Avatar
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    Jan 21, 2008, 7:20 PM - Re: Sixxgunn13's Machined Metal Ears #6

    NP Spideyfett,
    you did enough by getting these puppies made!

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