Show-off ESB Boba

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    Show-off ESB Boba

    I don't know how to post pics here, so here is a link to my RPF thread and thanks for all the help guys!

    Comments welcomed

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    Re: Show-off ESB Boba

    To post pics here... you do the same thing you do on the RPF. It's the same kind of board.

    But very nice looking helmet you got there. You did a good job on it.

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    Re: Show-off ESB Boba

    Very nice job! Are the ear "decals" painted or are they actual decals?

    Again, super job!


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    Re: Show-off ESB Boba

    Nice. Is that an MSH2?

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    Re: Show-off ESB Boba

    Thanks guys. Everything is painted on. The helmet is a Skygunbro.

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    Re: Show-off ESB Boba

    Nice bucket! Now get that babdoy a little dirtier!

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