Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

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    Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    With the failure of my first attempt due to overexcitement and misprinted templates my personal costs are well over $100 up to this point. But, I figured I would track my spending on this try so anyone who wants to attempt it can see how much it would cost if everything goes right.

    36 X 36 aluminum sheet metal: $21.43
    3M Adhesive Aerosol: $4.56
    JB weld $3.85
    Resin Earpiece and antenna: $20.00

    Tin Snips
    Various Clamps
    Dremel (Optional)

    Rafal Works Helmet V2 Template

    I am using Rafal's templates this time around and he suggests using 2mm thick cardboard. the aluminum sheet metal i picked up is roughly .8 mm so I decided that I would glue multiple sheets together to form the helmet liner.
    Attachment 76195

    Instead of sanding the sheets and using epoxy to bind them together I went and picked up some 3M adhesive spray and it made my job about a million times easier.

    Attachment 76196

    after the first two layers were formed and cured I attached a third layer and cut the two back pieces of the template together and kept the front piece separate. This made it so that when i attached the visor and ear layer of the template the only seams in the sheet metal would be covered by the mandibles. seamless is good!

    Attachment 76197Attachment 76198

    I cut out and attached the mandibles/earpiece base. Once it was all dried i cut out the cheeks and cheek bones. I knew the 3M wouldn't cut it to attach such a small surface area so i went with the tried and true JB weld (actually locktight brand but you know what I mean.)

    Attachment 76199Attachment 76200

    Theres my progress thus far! I am a little worried about the rigidity of the Epoxy weld because its humid as all hell today in Florida.

    I think ill attempt the dome next. I am trying to avoid any serious grinding so I will be trying out some different techniques. I got an old batting helmet from play it again sports for 5 bucks that is close to the right size but will need to be cut to be the correct measurements. I will also attempt the template build using aluminum sheet metal.

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    The build looks great so far! If you need any assistance in the build (I'm no metal expert, just regarding the assembly), just let me know!

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    Thanks Rafal, its going surprisingly well no major issues this time around a few trips to get more glue and thats it.

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    Happy Easter!

    Ok I kinda went nuts yesterday on the build and knocked out a LOT of it.

    First I cut the keyhole out the keyhole support plate. Your going to see an excess of JB weld I wanted this baby as stout as possible. I plan on grinding it down and smoothing it out once every-things assembled


    Next after everything had set I attached the resin ear pieces I picked up.


    Then it was time for the dome.... I had been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do the support so it wouldn't come out all lopsided. As I mentioned earlier i picked up a cheap used batting helmet but it didn't really fit and required a lot of measuring and cutting just to get it to resemble a dome. So while at wal-mart with the wife and baby girl i saw this baby. I pulled my trusty little measuring tape out of my pocket (yes I tend to carry a measuring tape on me) and the helmet seemed to be the perfect length width and diameter give or take a few cm. To my wife's dismay that i was buying something just to cut it in half, I picked it up for $20


    It fits PERFECTLY. I'm not going to lie, once i got it in place and realized just how well it worked I danced around my shed clapping my hands for at least 15 seconds.


    So since its Easter i've been banned from the shed.... Tomorrow I will cut and fit the dome piece glueing it directly to the helmet and using every trick i can possibly think of to get it perfectly smooth. (I know i should just patch and bondo the plastic helmet itself but i really want the entire bucket to have that "metal" feel... as if the "man" himself forgot it at my house after our weekly Game of Thrones party!!!!!)

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    The helmet looks good, but the batting helmet sits too low. You should raise it with around 15-17mm (0.59-0.67 inch) by adding some extra material at the base of the dome.

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    I'll make sure to measure it out when I actually fix the dome to the crown. Dome isn't installed yet I kinda wedged in there had it sitting in there.My extremely scientific procedure for cutting the dome was to flip it upside down and force it at far as i could into the helmet using the crown of the bucket as a templet and marking it with sharpie. There is still an inch of the actual plastic helmet that was under the crown in the picture. I am going to try a few different things first to see if i can get that metal finish i'm looking for. if the templet doesn't work to my satisfaction with sheet metal than I am kinda toying with creating a mold of just the dome and giving cold-casting a shot..... but that might be reaching alittle.

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    Domes up, how's it look? Nothings permanent yet just some light adhesive to hold the template in place. I don't mind modding if the domes to low I want it accurate
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image-jpg   image-jpg  

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    It does not look bad at all and with some bondo you'll have a round dome in no time.

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    I've spent the last few weeks making minor tweets to the helmet to get it just right. Finally yesterday it was ready to bondo. I am just taking my time from here applying bondo in layers and getting everything perfect
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image-jpg   image-jpg   image-jpg  

    image-jpg   image-jpg   image-jpg  


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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    Spent most of the day doing finishing work (and homework) it's about ready for primer. photo-jpg

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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)


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    Re: Sheet Metal Helmet (2nd Attempt)

    First attempt at painting up the back panels and not super happy with them. As mentioned in the alternate polly scale concrete thread i've been able to track down every color except for polly scale concrete. I used MM concrete and it's bugging me not knowing if its really a suitable match. I am going to let it sit a few days and practice with adding detail by hand before scrubbing it and starting over. It may just need some TLC.


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