shade 5 face shield

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    shade 5 face shield

    Hey all, I have a question regarding anyone who has a shade 5 face shield. Is it too dark to see through safely? Would it be too dark to see safely in the dark? has anyone had any problems with this issue?

    That's 3 questions isn't it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: shade 5 face shield

    They are definitely and dark, and harder, but not impossible to see out of at night, fine during the day though. That's why it is important to have a spotter if possible with you.

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    Re: shade 5 face shield

    I have a dark green safety sheild, not the welding sheild, and I can see out of it just fine after dark... provided there are street lights.

    During the daytime, so long as there is no light shining up into the helmet, the visor will appear black, and you won't be able to see in. With light shining up into the helmet, the visor will have a dark green tint towards the bottom edge, and you can sorta see my nose... if you look closely enough.

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