Scurvy's scratch build

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    Scurvy's scratch build

    First off I'd like to thank WOF and RafalFett for their amazing templates, as well as AntMan for the excellent tutorial that got me started, and all the other builders out there whose advice has helped me thus far!
    I started this build in January using WOF's templates, and have been stalled out for several months due to my work schedule. I'm just getting back into it, and hopefully will be able to post fairly frequent updates.
    I had gotten as far as putting some bondo on the dome, with the ear caps somewhat complete..


    Over the past week I've put some time into sanding, applying more bondo (although I'm now out of the hardener, and have to re-up), and dialing in the ear caps and RF stalk.

    For the RF ear cap I picked up some 5x5x5mm mighty magnets and a strip of stainless steal, which I carved out holes for and zap-a-gapped to the inner and outer pieces. Had I planned ahead the magnets seem strong enough (magnet to magnet) to be implanted between the layers of cardboard. I still need to add some pins so that everything easily lines up when snapped together, as well as a good pivot for the RF stalk. I'm deciding how I want to attach the ears to the bucket (most likely bolts) which may solve the last two issues.

    I threw together this part of the RF topper earlier today, and I'm glad I didn't spend much time on it, as I discovered SingleSeat's Rangefinder tutorial right after.. So there's something to work for:


    Finally I held my breath and took my utility knife to the back of my bucket. I've been afraid to do this step, but I'm fairly pleased with the results. Because of the way I cut out the main bucket pieces this looks way off center, but it's not that bad.

    Here it is with the assistance of some rubber bands

    Still have a lot of work to do, but watching this thing come together has blown my mind.

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    Re: Scurvy's scratch build

    Heres your thread must be part of the new stuff added to the forum. Good luck

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    Re: Scurvy's scratch build

    Thanks F4R!

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