Scratch build budget ROTJ(Kinda) Helmet

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    Scratch build budget ROTJ(Kinda) Helmet

    [FONT=Times New Roman]Ok so I am pretty new to TDH, I have been lurking around many, many, many of the community's awesome forum posts, and this is the fruit of my labors so far. This is my scratch built helmet I have started using WOF's AWESOME templates and Antman's tutorial. I used thick matte board for the main structure and smoothed out the dome with some spackling paste. I know the paint job is far from movie accurate, this is my first (of hopefully many) helmets and just wanted to get a feel for the process, also the reason the right ear it basically gone. It was hours of frustration and I feared that if I continued to attempt the ears i would probably punt my helmet out the window. lol So I opted for a much less complex design. I am happy with the look for now especially since ! only paid a total of about $40 bucks for the whole far. Just wanted to see what you guys think, but remember this is my first real venture in the costume making realm (so be gentle lol)[/FONT]
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