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rubies oddity found!

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    you know I saw a helmet on ebay the other day, in the tv & movies collectibles and props section, that was a rubies, but looked like a DP shape,& with a better paint job. even with gold on the rangefinder! I haven't seen any production helmets like that myself...although someone who was selling it could have put in a bogus pic to sell it faster, I'm not sure though...

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    yea people get shady on ebay, thats why you have to ask ??? before bidding. i bid on a nice lookin helmet(in the pic anyway) then thought about it and asked the guy if it was the one in the pic. turns out it was a DP 97 and the pic was of the real thing! but the helmet i recieved wasnt that bad off, i just gotta get motivated to restart work on it again!

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    If you guys buy helmets on Eay, please ask the seller of which year is it made and if the pic is from the actual helmet being sold.

    About the pics above...looks like the cheeks in the helmets are kinda warped, but still a good looking bucket and the size, which is strange, but better for you. Good hunting!


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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    it can go the other way with e-bay.....i bid on a fett " mask".....the dude borrowed a pic of the soft warped helmet, mask...looked horrible....i was expecting that for my 22 bucks, and got a 95 post!!

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    sweet !

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    Most of the Rubies Fett helmets I see on ebay have a DP deluxe pictured. I mentioned to one guy about that, and he sent me this huge response listing his credentials as a mask seller, and assured me it was the helmet in the picture. like crazy because they're only $60!!!

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    From this pic, it almost looks a bit bigger in comparison -

    I really hope Rubies did answer our praise, by making us better/bigger buckets -

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    I wanted to point out that my last post up above was overflowing with sarcasm. but also, yes it does look bigger, but it's a forced perspective. Forced perspective can make you look as tall as the 4 inch Fett figures if you just hold it closer to the camera. That's why I suggested having a pic of the two helmets equal distance from the camera. If you shot a picture at that angle, with the rubies Jango helmet closer, and one of the movie sized helmets behind it, the Jango will look bigger too. A lot of photography is about perspective.

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    so then , let me get this straight......your saying i'm intentionally mis-leading people , due to the camera angle??.....i'm a lousy picture taker, so sue me......but i think you're calling me a liar, and i dont take to kindly to that......i'll be home in the morning, and will take and send more photos......and you'll see that it IS bigger....i've had it looked at by 2 local star wars "experts" , who can verify its size, and odd if thats what your saying better be prepared to apologize...........

    in public, which is where you have seen fit to slap me......

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    I don't think anybody here is calling you a liar, it's just the pics you took are alitte...ehhh...not so good

    Maybe if you took a pic from the front with more light, we can make a better assumption -

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    and , as i said , i was , and am now , not a good picture taker............i will take more today as i am now home and will send them off to be posted here..........still trying to decide weather to modify this bucket or leave it alone...........

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    I never said you were a liar, jeeeeez some people on this board need to settle down. I was giving you tips on photography. Since you are a self-proclaimed bad photographer, I was helping out some. hey, excuse me for trying help you prove the size difference.

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    ok, got the pics taken, who wants to post them for me??...i dont know how...8)

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    no takers? ill do it if no one is available.

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    sent the pics to journetmanprotector

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    recieved my dark green welding shield today....still wondering if i should modify this bucket or leave it alone....what do ya'll think??

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    Here're the new pics. I think it's clear the the Boba is taller, certainly. It may be wider, but does not appear to much longer and if so only by an inch at most I think.


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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    I don't know if this helps any.

    At San Diego Comic Con last year I talked to the sales rep for Rubies. He stated that the Rubies Jango was a new sculpt and that the Rubies Boba Fett was taken from the Don Post molds.

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    That would make sense. It would help if we could see this oddity next to an original DP or two

    The jango is pretty small,


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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    ok.......well i still say its much larger than the others i saw.........and the pics dont due its size justice....8)

    - aint no big deal anyway......just an oddity.

    * replaced the visor a few minuites ago.....8)
    * will re-paint later to jedi specs..and add leds to the rangefinder......looks sweet!

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    Re: rubies oddity found!

    Almost looks like the Jango Helmet could fit inside the Bobe Helmet -

    All I have to say is, nice score

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