ROTJ Progress.

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    ROTJ Progress.

    Well, here goes. My BM ROTJ project. First thanks to BM for a great base, FP for the ROTJ pics, RS for the color guide, and everybody here for the inspiration.

    BM with dremel battle scarring.

    POG and CO enhancement Blue.

    The almost finished product with some weathering (pastels). Still needs the clear coat. Hence my other thread running.
    The flash has changed the grays a little. But, I'm working nights so the best light I got is the kitchen light.
    OK, be kind. This is my first attempt at painting a bucket. And my very first experience with an airbrush.
    Rob D

    by the way, how can I resize my pics so they don't take up so much room?

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    Re: ROTJ Progress.

    Need bigger pics, but looking real good

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    Re: ROTJ Progress.

    looks great! nice work

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    Re: ROTJ Progress.

    nice work!

    I see you put in the scratches on the side - alot of people don't do that for the RoTJ bucket.

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