ROTJ Helmet Red?????

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    ROTJ Helmet Red?????

    Hey, what colour do most of you guys over the other side of the pond use for the mandibles on the ROTJ lid, just curious.


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    Re: ROTJ Helmet Red?????

    I use Floquil Polly Scale PRR (PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD) MAROON FLO414161 and Floquil Caboose FLO110088

    **** sorry I missed the ROTJ part.

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    Re: ROTJ Helmet Red?????

    rattlecans... base of black with misting of rustoleum claret wine over it until it gets to where i like it.

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    Re: ROTJ Helmet Red?????

    Rob for Gav's ROTJ I used Caboose with a few drops off flat black, turned out nice, well I think so anyway

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    Re: ROTJ Helmet Red?????

    rattlecan Maroon with a dusting of rattlecan black

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